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      The Cabana Collection: Summer 2017

      French Bulldog Love Summer Collection Beach Towels Tote bags

      It's the most wonderful time of the year --- SUMMER! And what better way to kick off the summer than with an epic Frenchie-filled pool party?? Am I right?

      Our brand new Cabana Collection dives head first into the deep end of summer fun. Our fresh new designs feature adorable Frenchies sporting stylish swimsuits in colorful pool tubes and adventurous snorkeling gear.

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      Let's Play: #FBLEXPLORERS Contest

      French Bulldog Love Contest
      Contest time! Put your creative hats on it. It's time to play #FBLEXPLORERS! I've been throwing the idea of a contest around for a while, but really wanted it to be unique and special. Something that would inspire people to get outside and engage in their surroundings.

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      Life with Romeo: Snow Day Spectacular!

      Life with Romeo: Snow Day Spectacular! - French Bulldog Love

      Nothing like a snow day in the middle of March. Global warming, anyone? Anyway, Romeo isn't really a big fan of the cold or the snow. He poop strikes full force and pees right outside the door of the balcony, instead of going down the steps to the yard. Anything to minimize outside time. If he could potty inside, he would. But let's not give him any ideas.

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      Life with Romeo: Mini Cooper Meets Mini Pooper

      Life with Romeo: Mini Cooper Meets Mini Pooper - French Bulldog Love
      Anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love the beach. There's just something magical about the stillness of the ocean, the never-ending horizon, and bright blue skies. It calms my soul and re-energizes my being. Plus, it makes the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot with my boy. Love my little co-pilot!

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      The Most Epic Frenchie Beach Party

      French Bulldog Beach party
      Click to watch Romeo's exclusive video footage!

      Romeo hits the beach! Dozens of French Bulldogs gather at Rockaway Beach for Lola's epic beach party.
      Of course we had to send in GoPRomeo to capture all the fun. While most of the footage consisted of Romeo hanging out under a table all by himself (he can be very antisocial at these events), he did manage to score a few moments of excitement running and jumping through the crowds by the water. At one point, he even gets bombarded with an ocean wave -- and that was the end of water-wading for him. Needless to say, the day was a blast. Thanks @lolabarksdale, for the amazing day!

      Shout out to @waltergoodboy for the scratching mad beats in the background, and Vera (@garden.state.frenchie) for sporting that adorable pupkini.

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