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      Meet Romeo: Clown. Model. Muse.

      Romeo is the sole inspiration behind French Bulldog Love. His creepy stares, his funny butt wiggles, and his giant ears are the fuel to my ideas and designs. Before I had him in my life, I never fully understood the obsession between people and their pets.

      Clearly, I get it now. Welcome to French Bulldog Love®.

      - Jamie, Founder, Creator, Momma to Ohhh Romeo


      It all started when Jamie was laid off back in 2012. She was working at a start-up ad agency in Manhattan, when she suddenly received the terrible news one morning that her agency was downsizing. On the search for her next adventure, Jamie was lacking inspiration. Now what?, she thought, as she scoured the internet for job postings and opportunities. But nothing really caught her attention. Nothing sparked a fire inside her. What's the point in slaving away for someone else, when one day they can just kick you to the curb? Just like that? That's when it hit her. She wanted to start something of her own. But what?

      That's when she realized her inspiration and her next big idea had been staring her directly in the face (literally) this entire time. It was Romeo! There he was, right at her feet, peeking over, watching, staring, following her every move. This, she thought, is it.


      French Bulldog Love Romeo the frenchie


      Inspired by that giant face always creeping, along with all her Frenchie friends on Instagram, Jamie began designing her French Bulldog face. It had to be clean, it had to be simple, it had to be cute. And it had to represent all the different French Bulldogs she knew. Browsing through the accounts of her fellow Instagram followers, she began experimenting with colors and patterns. She even named her designs according to the Frenchies that inspired them. This is Enzo, for @vincenzopepito. This is Brix, for @BrixtheFrenchie. And of course, This is Romeo, for the one and only.

      French Bulldog Love Frenchie Meetup


      French Bulldog love started slowly. At first we sold stickers. Maybe just one or two a week. Eventually, we launched our exclusive handmade greeting card line right before Valentine's day. Our initial line included 10 uniquely adorable French Bulldog Love designs that captured the true clownish personalities that all Frenchie-lovers can relate to. The cards quickly caught on and the business began to grow.


      French Bulldog Stickers by French Bulldog Love

      Since then, we have expanded our product line way beyond stickers and greeting cards, and continue to offer new and exciting products and designs for our amazing customers. 


      French Bulldog Love is the first and original online boutique specializing in French Bulldog artwork and gifts. The French Bulldog Love brand is known, recognized, and loved worldwide for our adorable and fun illustrations and top quality goods.

      We specialize in fully-customizable artwork and home decor for dog lovers all around the world. While our main focus is our beloved Frenchies, we work with all breeds. Our short run printing methods allow us to create and deliver one-of-a-kind custom quality products that can't be found anywhere else.

      Our hand-crafted greeting cards are designed, printed, cut, folded, packaged, and shipped right from our studio. Which means, you're getting exclusive handmade products, customized just for you, and made just for you.

      All of our concepts and designs are created in-house. Our inspiration comes from Romeo (our four-legged CEO), and from all the adorable French Bulldogs we have had the pleasure of meeting through social media and neighborhood meet-ups. With every illustration, we strive to capture the unique and silly personalities that every Frenchie seems to possess. They really are amazing dogs, so it's no wonder why we, along with so many others around the world, are so obsessed with these little snort clowns.


      We have 20 standard Frenchie colors in our French Bulldog Love family. This gives you the opportunity to easily select your desired Frenchie color when ordering any of our hand-crafted cards and prints for a fully customized item that looks just like your pup. Don't see your color? Just ask. We can create the perfect design to match your pup, including every unique spot and stripe. (Take a look at some of our custom illustrations, here.)


      French Bulldog Love French Bulldog Designs

      French Bulldog Love is also home to the very popular Frenchie Faces Fleece Blanket, popping up all around Instagram. This is the original, classic Frenchie Faces Fleece Blanket, unlike any other. Since we launched, many imitators have emerged. Please, do not support the thieves. We have worked very hard to perfect our French Bulldog artwork and can't stand to see our efforts ripped off. If you happen to come across anything that resembles our work, please let us know!


      French Bulldog Love Fleece Blanket

      In addition to our hand-crafted stationery and fleece blankets, we also offer throw pillows, coffee mugs, beach towels, tote bags, stickers, key chains, accessory pouches, and much more. Many of our items are able to be customized. Need a special order? Just shoot us an email. You can find more information about our products here.

      French Bulldog Products by French Bulldog Love

      Planning a wedding? We do wedding packages! From custom Save the Dates to complete wedding invitation sets, we can design a one-of-a-kind creation for your special day. Just shoot us an email for more details.


      French Bulldog Love Design

      French Bulldog Love was founded by owner, Jamie Kakleas. She studied Graphic Design and Advertising at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Jamie illustrates all the unique artwork herself, packs and ships every order, and communicates with customers via email, Instagram, and Facebook. She currently operates out of French Bulldog Love's Brooklyn studio in Industry City, with the big boss, Romeo.

      At French Bulldog Love, we deliver adorable, one-of-a-kind quality Frenchie products to our friends and family all around the world.

      We're always up to something! Follow our adventures:
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      French Bulldog Love Logo

      French Bulldog Love ® is a registered trademark.

      All French Bulldog Love artwork is protected under copyright law.
      You may not copy or reproduce any of our designs without our permission.

      Established 2012