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      FRENCH BULLDOG LOVE BLOG — Yummy Frenchie Recipes

      Easy Homemade Grain-Free Blueberry Treats for Dogs

      French Bulldog Homemade Grain-free treats French Bulldog Love

      A few months ago, Romeo developed a nasty hot spot on his left cheek. After a change in diet, a makeshift paper/duct tape cone of shame, and excessive vet bills, the stubborn hot spot finally healed after two months. The vet strongly urged me to take Romeo off any chicken, beef or lamb foods and limit him strictly to salmon, whitefish, duck or venison due to poultry allergies. I bought top of the line salmon dog food, stocked up on Wild Alaskan Salmon, salmon oil, sardines, and coconut oil for healthy skin and coat. But did I mention Romeo may in fact be the pickiest dog I have ever encountered? Fish every day—including his treats? He was not having it.

      I tried a bunch of store-bought treats made of salmon, sweet potato, duck, venison—anything I could find that wasn’t made of chicken, beef, or lamb. But while Romeo was known for running to the treat jar at the sound of the clasp opening, he was beginning to turn his head the other way. That’s when I decided it was time to make my own.

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