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      Handmade Greeting Cards

      This is where it all began. Before our handmade greeting cards, French Bulldog Love was just an idea. A dream. A hobby, at most, where we sold a few stickers here and there, as I slaved away in my office cubicle day after day. Until one day, an intense wave of inspiration opened my eyes to the possibilities. And they were endless. The sketches flowed from the tip of my pencil with ease, as if all this time, they had been trapped inside just waiting to burst out. Just in time for Valentine's Day 2015, we launched our first 10 greeting card designs, helping men everywhere score a few extra points with their Frenchie-loving ladies. The rest, is history.

      Greeting Card Product Features:

      • Printed on beautiful, lightly speckled, recycled premium cardstock
      • Paper made of 30% recycled materials & 15% organic materials
      • Hand-scored, hand-folded, and hand-cut / truly one-of-a-kind
      • Cards measure 5 x 7 inches
      • Paired with brown Kraft envelope
      • Feature our unique & exclusive French Bulldog illustrations

      Handmade Note: Slight variations may occur. Please embrace them.

      Box Notecard Sets

      I believe in the magic of a handwritten note. It's an endangered act and I'm putting our Frenchies on the line in hopes of bringing the written note back to life. Just for a second, forget the mindless text messages and monotonous emails that fill our days, and pick up a pencil. Yes, a pencil. You know—those little wooden sticks that slightly resemble magic wands if you know how to use them. Send a friendly Bonjour! or a heartwarming Merci! and show your friends or co-workers how much you really care. Our boxed sets are great to have on hand for that special hello, or make a great gift as a whole.

      Notecard Set Product Features:

      • Cards measure approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches
      • Sets include 12 folded cards
      • Made from same quality recycled cardstock as our larger 5 x 7 cards
      • Blank interior for your personal message
      • Cards are paired with brown Kraft envelope and sold in sturdy brown Kraft stationery box

        Ceramic Mugs

        I've been drinking my coffee out of the same mug for the past 2 years. I wash it, of course. But, that's what these mugs do! Once you go Frenchie, you pretty much can't go back to your old "Grandma Loves You" or "Dance Like No One is Watching" mugs.

        All our mugs feature our unique FBL designs and are available in a variety of colors. Not a coffee drinker? Don't worry—these ceramic vessels fit other liquids, as well. You know, like wine and stuff.

        Mug Product Features:

        • Premium 11oz ceramic coffee mug
        • Dishwasher and microwave safe
        • 100% awesome

        Art Prints

        Art is important. The right pieces of art are conversation starters. They don't sit silently on your wall burying their faces, hoping you walk by without noticing. They jump out screaming, "LOOK AT ME!" They capture eyes from across the room. They speak to you. They bring smiles to faces. And most important, they make houses feel like home. And that's everything we strive to accomplish with every art print we create. Now go fill that giant empty space above your desk. You know, over there, next to that other thingamajig.

        Art Print Product Features:

          • Prints measure 8 x 10 inches
          • Printed on thick matte photo paper, perfect for framing
          • 15 Frenchie colors to choose from
          • Sorry, frame is not included


            Die Cut Stickers

            These aren’t just any stickers. Our large and mini die-cut stickers are made of 100% waterproof vinyl and can withstand any outdoor weather for 18 months. Available in a variety of Frenchie colors, they’re the perfect accessory for car windows, laptops, journals, glassware, and much, much more.

            Sticker Product Features:

              • Large stickers measure approximately 3x3 inches
              • Mini stickers measure approximately 2x2 inches

              Fleece Blankets

              Ladies and gents, I bring you the coziest, most cuddliest, most super soft fleece blanket there ever was. Or pretty damn close to it. Available in two sizes, you better pick one up for you and one for your pup. Although he'll probably claim both as his own, you can at least try to snag a few cuddles of your own wrapped in a parade of adorable Frenchie faces.

              Fleece Blanket Product Features:

              Small measures 30x40 inches—perfect for your pup
              Large measures 50x60—perfect for peeps

                • 100% super soft and cozy polyester fleece
                • Design printed on front side
                • Back side is blank/white
                • Machine washable, gentle cycle, mild detergent // Tumble dry

                        Handmade Notepads

                        This one was easy. The idea for our peeking Frenchie notepads sprouted from the fact that Romeo watches every single thing I do. Whether I'm watching television or cutting cards, there he is. Supervising. When I'm doing chores, he ambitiously follows me from room to room. And when I'm parked at my desk, you can bet that when I look down, he's snoring at my feet. And it's music to my ears. 

                        As for the notepads, we design, print, assemble, glue, package and ship these bad boys ourselves. So we can truly guarantee that you're receiving a one-of-a-kind product, handmade with love in NYC.

                        Notepad Product Features:

                          • Notepads measure 4.5 x 6.5 inches
                          • 35 pages of heavyweight white cardstock
                          • Sturdy chipboard back
                          • Handmade
                          • Totally adorbs


                          Tote Bags

                          Totes are huge. Great for the supermarket, awesome for the doggy park, a must-have for the beach—the perfect tote is a catch-all for everything from your keys to your poop bags (not yours, of course).

                          Tote Bag Product Features:

                            • Totes measure 16 x 16 inches
                            • Double sided print
                            • Two cotton web handles
                            • Made of spun polyester

                              Beach Towels

                              When Summer comes around, something magical happens. It's as if someone broke into the crayon box, stole the brightest crayons, and colored our world. Color is everywhere. From the latest Summer fashion to the best sunny day accessories, this is the season when colors come out to play. Inspired by this trend, we just had to include bright and fun beach towels to our Summer collection. From eye-popping polka dots to chic nautical stripes, our beach towels are all the more reason to pack up those totes and head off towards the sea. As if you needed another reason.

                              Beach Towel Product Features:

                                • Towels measure 36 x 72 inches. Plenty of room for relaxation.
                                • Printed front is made of 100% Polyester
                                • Blank back is made of 100% cotton
                                • Machine Washable