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      New Collection: Brunch Time

      New Collection: Brunch Time - French Bulldog Love

      It's all about the avocado toasts, pancake stacks, and a nice cold glass of bubbly. I mean, who doesn't love brunch?

      Our Brunch Time collection features two of our absolute favorite things -- Frenchies & brunch! Our hand-drawn illustrations feature yummy piles of pancakes, crispy bacon, delicious chicken & waffles, buttery croissants, toasted bagels, Insta-worthy avocado toasts, fresh & colorful fruit -- and so many more favs.

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      Romeo Turns 8!

      Romeo Turns 8! - French Bulldog Love

      I can't believe my boy is 8! Where does the time go?? I feel like it was just last week when I drove to Philadelphia to pick up my little nugget from the airport. He was SO TINY and I was terrified.

      I didn't know the first thing about caring for a puppy, and here I was bringing home the most adorable little babe I could ever imagine.

      I had NO idea how much my life was about to change from that moment on.

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      Adventures with Romeo: Industry City

      Adventures with Romeo: Industry City - French Bulldog Love

      One of my favorite things to do is explore my surroundings with Romeo. Industry City in Brooklyn is a perfect place for this because there's just so much to see. Take a look at some amazing murals and artworks we've seen along the way.

      Industry City is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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      Our New Shop + Studio in Industry City, Brooklyn

      Our New Shop + Studio in Industry City, Brooklyn - French Bulldog Love

      French Bulldog Love has a new home! We're so excited to announce our brand new shop + studio located in the heart of Sunset Park, Brooklyn – Industry City.

      Our new space functions as a production studio / retail shop in a community bursting with creative makers and booming businesses. It's our dream come true.

      Want to come by for a visit? Send us an email to schedule an appointment!

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