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      FRENCH BULLDOG LOVE BLOG — Frenchie Friends

      A Not So Still Life with Gambit

      Behind the Scenes with Gambit the Frenchie
      From the art-infused Clarion Alley to the hills of Mount Sutro, Gambit the Frenchie spends his days exploring the colorful streets of sunny San Francisco. Together with his creative humans, they began documenting their inspiring adventures through beautiful photography, capturing gorgeous moments in front of intricate street murals, picturesque garage doors, and stunning storefronts. With an Instagram feed loaded with artistry, I just had to find out more about their incredible story. So, I caught up with Gambit’s humans—Kelly and Will LaStrodl—and got the full scoop on Gambit, plus a behind the scenes look at the brilliant, more-than-just-a-hashtag, #stilllifewithgambit.

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      Adorable French Bulldogs Swinging Life Away

      Adorable French Bulldogs on Swings by French Bulldog Love

      French Bulldogs are known as the clowns of the dog world. I’m pretty sure they were put on this earth to fill our lives with endless laughter, love, snorts, snores and cuddles.

      They wiggle their butts when we come home from work, they creepily stare at us as we indulge in our snacks, they follow us like a shadow around every corner, and they continuously make us laugh with their smiley faces and silly personalities.

      After all, no day is a bad day when there’s a Frog Dog in your life. I mean, have you ever seen what happens when you put a Frenchie in a swing? If not, I strongly urge you to go find a Frenchie, find a swing and find out.

      Orrrr you could just take a look at these 61 French Bulldogs swinging life away. Living in the moment. Enjoying the breeze. While some seem to be enjoying it more than others, all are off the charts on the cuteness meter.

      So, let’s all take a break from our busy, boring lives and enjoy these French Bulldogs who have not a care in the world—except maybe, push harder, human!”

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